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301- Ken Collins, Sales/ Project Manager

302- Brian Holt, Sales/ Project Manager

304- Rafael Abo, Sales/ Project Manager 

310- Hamid Iranpour, Estimating

303- Marie Pantalone, Accounting

305- Emilia Zych , Administration/ Customer Service

306- Rob Ambrose, Health and Safety

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80 Nashdene Rd., Unit 51, Building B 

Toronto, ON M1V 5E4

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Gorbern Mechanical is always looking for new employees that are hard working and dedicated individuals. Gorbern Mechanical is known for their great service to all customers. Our company values time management, commitment and devotion. 

Gorbern Mechanical is affiliated and in good standing with the United Association of Plumbers and Steam Fitters Local 46, to apply for any position, you have to be a member of Local 46.

If you are a hard working, loyal, motivated, eager, and determined individual, please attach your resume below.

​What we're looking for...

  • Licensed ICI Plumbers- Backflow Preventer/Tester

  • Registered Apprentice Plumbers

  • Licensed Steam Fitters

  • Registered Apprentice Steam Fitters

  • Welders

  • Service Plumbers

  • Mechanical Estimators

  • Gas Fitters

  • Contractor

Thank you for showing interest in employment at Gorbern Mechanical.