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301- Ken Collins, Sales/ Project Manager

302- Brian Holt, Sales/ Project Manager

304- Rafael Abo, Sales/ Project Manager 

310- Hamid Iranpour, Estimating

303- Marie Pantalone, Accounting

305- Emilia Zych , Administration/ Customer Service

306- Rob Ambrose, Health and Safety

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The company was started in 1971 by Gord Collins and Bernie Jackson. They put their names together and that's how they came up with the name Gorbern. A few years later Bernie left to start his own company and Gord became 100% owner.


Gorbern Mechanical actually emerged from another company also run by Collins and Jackson named Woburn Mechanical. Gorbern ran under the watchful eye of Mr. Collins until 1996, when he passed the reigns of the company to his son, Ken, whom received his plumbing licence in 1989.

Gorbern prides itself on the ability of the staff to respond quickly while providing quality work to remain sensitive to the needs and safety of those who occupy the given space, while also including 24-hour service 365 days a year within their mandate.

Brian Holt

Vice President and General Manager