Our Primary Services

  • All types of plumbing, heating and ventilation projects
  • Inspections, installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration, gas burners and boilers
  • Licensed welding contracting services
  • All types of Control wiring and service
  • Drain identifying and clearing services (with two new Jetter Drain Flushers and Drain Camera to locate blockages or pipe breaks, while for quality assurance, a videotape is provided to confirm their diagnosis
  • Roof drains
  • Gas piping and testing
  • Pump service
  • Backflow inspections and repairs
  • Installation and repair of hydronic heating systems
  • Heating equipment and repairs
  • Relief valve testing and repair
  • Trouble shooting
  • Preventative maintenance programs, which can be scheduled to be performed at regular agreed-upon intervals

As primarily a service contractor focused on renovations and alterations
of facilities boilers, valves and steam lines, Gorbern usually works either with a general contracting firm or under contract with various city and
government buildings with service and maintenance contracts, which include both plumbing and heating repairs.

Successful scheduling and completion of all projects, combined with a large and reliable network of sub-trades and contractors with whom a stable business relationship has long been maintained. Current unlimited bonding
ability, and $2,000,000 liability insurance allows clients the comfort that
their respective project finances are sufficiently safe and in check.

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