Reputation Driven by Service

Gorbern Mechanical has been responding to the plumbing and heating needs of commercial, industrial and residential clients for 32 years. With this successful track record spanning over three decades of providing services involving a wide range of projects - from the very large to the relatively modest - is characterized by fast, reliable service to perform successfully and properly on any job, on time and within budget.

Started in 1971 by Gord Collins, Gorbern Mechanical actually emerged from another company also run by Collins named Wobern Mechanical. Beginning its life as a non-union company, Gorbern Mechanical eventually reverted back to a union company after 20 years, which it remains today. Gorbern ran under the watchful eye of Mr. Collins until five years ago, when he passed the reigns of the company to his son, Ken, whom received his plumbing licence in 1989.

Gorbern prides itself on the ability of the staff to respond quickly while providing quality work to remain sensitive to the needs and safety of those who occupy the given space, while also including 24-hour service 365 days a year within their mandate.

A fleet of 10 fully stocked service vehicles (immediately available by two-way calling and cellular phone) are complimented by a staff consisting of highly professional fully licensed plumbers, steam fitters, gas fitters and welders, as well as combustion, refrigeration, air conditioning and control wiring specialists. Also, the skilled employees participate in Gorbern's active and ongoing Health and Safety Program, which provides training in A2 - Ontario Construction News - September 2003 WHIMIS, Confined Spaces, Fall Arrest and Asbestos Awareness and other areas of concern to contribute to their excellent safety record.

Many of the company's trades people are long-term employees, such as Stan Jeremic (28 years with the company) and Louis Nasiopoulos (26 years with the company) both of who Mr. Collins credits as being integral in both establishing and continuing success of the company. Both Mr. Collins and his son also give the senior members of their staff credit for extending their knowledge and experience to newer members of the staff.

Ken Collins, president

Brian Holt, Partner

Gord Collins, Founder

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